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KAQ 14 - Sew Fabulous® Mud Kibana Applique Pattern

KAQ 14 - Sew Fabulous® Mud Kibana Applique Pattern

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Sew Fabulous® Mud Kibana Applique Pattern created by Jeffie Johnson

Kibana means Hut in Swahili, a Bantu language. Kibana’s are different in every part of the continent of African. The design and construction of African Kibana are influenced by the culture, the climate and available construction materials found in the area. Walls maybe made of stone, rock, adobe, tied or woven palm, bamboo, wood, and bundles of grass or reeds. Roofs can be made of reeds, grass, palm leaves, banana, leaves, skins, or woven mats. Use some of the textural fabrics from your “stash” to make your favorite.

Every Sew Fabulous® pattern comes complete with:

  • Supplies list
  • Full-sized pattern sheet(s) which becomes the placement guide
  • Complete step-by-step written instructions. 

APPROX: 26 x 26 inches. Boarder not included.

Manufacturer: Sew Fabulous®

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